How to recover your business page within 48 hours


Okay before implementing this method let me give you checklist.. if your page isn't qualifying you can still give this method a chance.. now lets jump into the methods

Checklist for using this method:

  1. Make sure you are/were the only admin of your fb page
  2. Did you seeing your page in your account? If not then it's ok.. we wil fix soo
  3. It's the most crucial step you must have to comply with it.

You must have business facebook account manager so that you can easily manage admin access. (Must must must have business account).

Now, get your seatbelts

1) Visit Meta Business Suite and Business Manager Overview in your pc or desktop

2) Go to setting tab

3) Now go to pages.. Check whether your page is available or not.. if available then follow next step

4) Click on your page and then click add people

5) In add people select your admin id.. and assign

6) Here you see assign people is not clickable.. just turn on the page content, page performance and admin access..

7) Now click assign

That's it now visit your facebook page.. here I hope you will get back your admin access

Just in worse scenario you have no access your page following this method. Then try to reach facebook and tell your case in detail and discusss with facebook support.

Keep in mind facebook will do thorough investigation and demand from you authorisations. After all authorisations you wil get back you page.

Here I will share some useful link to get in touch with facebook.

1) Try this one:

If page is hacked and controlled by someone then visit this official url

After Login to your facebook account, follow this url

Log into Facebook
Press alt + / to open this menu

2) Try this one if

If your personal facebook account is attacked by spammer or hacker and you lost access to your account and ultimately to your pages then follow this link

Report Compromised Account
Report Compromised Account Report Compromised Account If you believe your account has been compromised by another person or a virus, please click the "My Account Is Compromised" button below. We'll help you log back into your account so that you can regain control.

3) Try this one if

If your account is managed by your trusted third person and their accountvis hacked you can take step by following this link..

被盗用帐户和虚假帐户 | Facebook 帮助中心

Just report your issue

4) Last one can be really helpfull if all these forms are not helping out..

Follow this link, Really don't why but facebook take copyright infringement very seriously so there is huge success ratio to get in touch with facebook support and resolve your issue..

Follow the link

版权举报表 | Facebook

The only way yo get your facebook page back is to somehow connect with real facebook person and discuss about losing your facebook page access.

After verifying that you are the right owner you can gwt back your fb page admin acess.

If you need help just email our support and we'll get you back as admin within 48 hours

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