How to fix suspended GMB profile

 Google will suspend your business profile if you breach their policy or your profile doesn't reach the requirements. If you are using an improper information about your business you should consider edit them an filing the right Information. Here is a guild on what to work on.

  • Keyword stuffing your business name, you have to use your correct business name: the name your are using should be your actual business name and does represent your business.
  • Changing to a business address other than the one used for verification: changing your address suddenly might trigger google bots to suspend your profile as it has shown illegitimacy. Before your change your address notify google
  • Using a P.O. Box or UPS store address, not acceptable by Google: the address your are adding on your profile should be accurate so that when customer do visits the actual address they should find you.
  • If you use a virtual office or a co-working space as your business address, there are specific strict rules that must be followed. Google is working hard to see people provide accurate info so using same address will trigger suspension
  • Your business is a service-area business but your profile is showing a physical address: a lot of mistake service providers make is chosing a physical address instead of just adding service areas. All your information should be accurate and precise.
  • You have an online-only business, not normally eligible: having an online business which requires you selling goods online doesn't require a business profile. Googles New updates clearly states that so owning a profile is prone to limitations.
  • You are in a high-risk business category, like lawyers, plumbers, HVAC, locksmiths, electricians, rehab centers, etc: businesses of this kind has different method of approach that must be followed.
  • Similar business shares the same address: if you own a business that has multiple businesses with same name you should be creative, try to use a different name for your business.
  • You have made a bunch of changes/edits to your Google Business Profile in one go: after each changes on google, google bot does crawl your profile to update it on searches so doing edit every day especially on the essential areas isn't ideal.
  • The URL you added to your business profile forwards/redirects to another website or links to a social media page: you should never use a social media page as webpage, if you don't own a website leave it blank.
Below are some other reason why your GMB profile is not performing well
  • If you changed your profile from a Storefront to a Service Area Business (SAB), by removing the address.
  • Your address or hours don’t match what is listed on your website or other online business directories/citations.
  • Your business hours are 24/7.
  • An owner user (sometimes a manager) on your profile got their user account suspended – so your business profile got suspended because they got suspended.
  • You created multiple listings for the same business at the same address (duplicate profiles).
  • Photos, Posts, Services, Business Description spammy or against Google’s policies.
  • Google AI is not sure if the profiles are eligible, especially new profiles on high-risk categories like lawyers, plumbers, HVAC, locksmiths, electricians, rehab centers, etc.

I actually created a list with 75 reasons/issues that can suspend a profile. Not allowing your profile to be reinstated by Google.

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